MX100 SSD Review

For several years now, Crucial has been developing consistent and cost effective mainstream SSDs. Just like all their products, the MX100 SSD has been built with three aspects in mind: value, reliability and better performance. mx100-intro

The MX100 SSDs are available in a 7mm 2.5” form factor, and come in 512GB, 256GB and 128GB capacities. Just like many SSDs, the MX100 features ECC, SMART and TRIM Support. Furthermore, it comes with 3 unique features, including:

  • Hardware Encryption – The MX100 features the most recent AES 256-bit hardware encryption support. It’s also the only drive presently on the market that complies with TCG Opal 2.0 encryption, IEEE-1667 and Microsoft® eDrive® standards.
  • Adaptive Thermal Protection – This is a technology that enables the MX100 to dynamically regulate storage component activity to keep it cool at all times.
  • Power Loss Protection – This is a standard feature in every Crucial SSD, which means that the MX100 is not an exception. It features a row of capacitors that enable the drive just enough power to safely transmit in buffer data to the NAND in the event of a power failure.

Good news to consumers is that the MX100 SSD is available at very reasonable prices. Crucial’s aim while setting their prices was to maintain a competitive edge in the saturated market.


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